Results-based model – The new norm of the IT Industry

COVID-19 has been at the forefront of our lives over the last two years, wreaking havoc in both the online and offline worlds. When it comes to offline, lockdowns have become the new normal, as several people were affected, shops remain closed, and face masks have become an ornament. Things are quite the contrary in the online world as most continue working from home. Despite these challenges, teams are rapidly expanding in many organizations with a steep demand for qualified team members who can quickly get on board to accelerate the existing roadmap. In other words, staff replenishment teams work with internal staff to meet on-demand roles and business needs creating the workforce for future.

In such uncertain times, increasing contract staff tends to be a better option for many companies than hiring full-time workers. Organizations that replenish their team with outsourced benches and floating workers get their resources without additional staff.

The three main features compel large enterprises and entrepreneurs to complement their teams by increasing their workforce are: cost-effectiveness, reliability, and flexibility. The increase in contract staffing enables companies to avoid the direct and indirect costs associated with internal employees,.

Increasing contract staff is the business strategy that can complement an existing team of qualified professionals efficiently and time-efficiently.

The shift to remote working and access to global talent is changing the way companies think about engagement models, job candidate evaluation, talent recruitment, and more. The results-based model can be seen as an extension of the team-building model and the global model, where companies that employ a results-based model in mind are looking globally for highly qualified talent with specific skills. Like the staff augmentation model, companies that hire with the outcome model want to expand their internal teams and look for globally available talent identical to the global models.

By outsourcing your IT software development to an offshore outsourcing company, you get the significant benefits of enlarging your IT team on Results-based model. In addition to meeting project deadlines and business objectives, you also have the opportunity to test different groups and skill levels for striking a balance before hiring permanent employees. Take your needs into account and evaluate other outsourcing models (staffing increase, project-based, function-based, or hybrid) so that they can be selected to best suit your situation.

Some of the reasons you must seriously consider Results-based model:

  • Globalization of Labor Supply
  • Millennials entering the workforce
  • Aging workforce
  • Difficulty recruiting employee with fundamental skills
  • Reduce Training costs
  • Increasing number of contingent employees
  • Difficulty in recruiting specialised employees

Benefits of Leveraging Results-based model:

  • Faster Recruitment Cycle
  • Takes care of unexpected attrition
  • Extensive Scalability and Flexibility
  • Lesser Legal Hassles
  • Better or complete control

Companies that adopt Results-based model provide a faster recruitment cycle and lower development costs and address legal issues and scalability requirements. As the relationship between demand for staff and developers grows during the pandemic, software development companies must be quick to opt for such services.

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