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Behavior-based Adaptive Authentication

The majority of web services only allow access using user IDs and passwords. A simple ID and password is no longer secure in this day and age, as seen by the billions of stolen credentials and the fact that 62% of all credentials are simply reused from site to site and service to service.

Additional “factors” are layered into the authentication process to increase security and stop unauthorised users from accessing applications and data with stolen credentials. This could result in expensive fines for the service provider, bad press, and emotional distress for the user who violated the policy (s). Simply put, multi- factor authentication (MFA) is a technique for verifying a user’s identity by requesting two or more distinct types of proof.

These examples of evidence consist of:

  • The user “knows” something, such as an ID, PIN, the response to a personal inquiry, and/or a password.
  • A “thing” the user “has” or “has been given” that was unknown before authentication, such as a hardware token, key FOB, or one-time passcode
  • A physical biometric that identifies the person, such as a fingerprint.

While MFA greatly increases security, asking the user to enter or include additional factors on every login or sensitive transaction is not always ideal, especially when the users are your customers.

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This is where “Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication” (AMFA) comes in.

In order to determine whether there is enough of a match with a user’s known profile to permit the user to access a site or service without having to provide any new factors, AMFA invisibly interrogates hundreds of factors, including behaviours, as an additional set of “factors.” This significantly improves security while maintaining the current user experience. The login is prohibited and challenged when an unauthorised user makes an attempt to enter a system using stolen credentials and the extra elements and behaviours often observed don’t match. The most affordable AMFA option available is Insightek’s authentication service, which also gives your app’s consumers the ease of mind that comes with application security.


User Transparent Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

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