Minimize Exposure

Proactively block traffic to and from countries or autonomous systems known to be associated with high levels of cyber-criminal activity.

Protect Exposed Services

Proactively block inbound communication from IP addresses used by attackers.

Protect Users

Proactively block outbound communication to IP addresses and domains used by attackers


Network Detection and Response

An automated, predictive, actionable cybersecurity platform that protects your organization by blocking millions of cyber threats in real time. Cyber threat intelligence must be vendor agnostic and integrated with an organization’s existing IT infrastructure.

It must be used effectively and efficiently and support your business to operate with a lower risk profile. By actively blocking known sources of attacks, organizations can use ndr to reduce their operational overhead while staying one step ahead of the adversary.

How it works ?

NDR uses threat intelligence to defend organizations against cyber attacks. At any given time, the Internet hosts millions of IP addresses and domains with links to malicious cyber activity. All of us are connected to a global network; none of us works in isolation, and we all face similar threats from adversarial sources that do not discriminate when deciding who to target. NDR leverages the collective threat intelligence gathered globally to detect and block known and emerging threats in real time and reduce an organization’s exposure to the staggering number of potential attackers.

Strengthens network security defences and evidently reduce risk by proactively blocking threats using real-time defensive controls powered by a vast arsenal of globally collected threat intelligence indicators

Increases your cybersecurity program ROI by taking proactive blocking action against emerging threats and thereby reducing the workload on your security staff.

A Threat Intelligence Gateway that provides up-to-the-minute, line-speed protection against known sources of threats, both inbound and outbound, at scales of up to 10 Gbps

Protection against 150 million known threat indicators using continuously updating, risk-based, policy-driven, actionable threat intelligence that blocks and detects known sources of threats.

Leverage of a vendor-agnostic open platform with centralized management to enforce risk-driven policies, to inform threat hunting, and to investigate and respond to incidents.

Cloud-native management of your policies, intelligence, investigation, and reporting that’s self-managed, co-managed or completely managed by CyberStash Security Analysts

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