Compromise Assessment Service

Traditional approaches to cyber security have emphasized preventive measures that are guided by compliance and regulation norms.

These strategies are still crucial, but it is now evident that no amount of defense can shield enterprises from all kinds of cyber-attacks. The early identification of post-breach activities and incident response also need equal attention before these attacks can damage information or have an adverse effect on business. Business stakeholders also need a higher level of assurance that all malware and human adversaries have been eliminated from their IT environment, as well as that the vulnerability that allowed a compromise to occur has been found and fixed, when responding to an event.

To clearly determine the compromised status of your business systems, InsightTEK independently surveys all of your endpoints utilising forensic state analysis at a frequency determined by your risk tolerance.


  • Less time an attacker spends on your network unnoticed.
  • Independent confirmation of your security posture at the moment.
  • Greater certainty and resilience in cyberspace.
  • Your IT environment has gained back your trust and confidence.
  • Less chance that a breach may have an adverse effect on business.

What You Obtain

  • Identification of all compromised network devices, including workstations, servers, and remote endpoints.
  • The identification of sophisticated cyberattacks that consistently get over already-in-place security measures.
  • Verified removal of all malware, backdoors, and human adversaries after a cyberattack.

Detection Methodology

InsighTEK doesn’t wait for predetermined events to happen before looking into possible breaches, in contrast to other breach-detection techniques. Instead, we aggressively seek out and identify complex and undiscovered assaults that might otherwise go undetected in an enterprise environment using Forensic Depth Analysis (FDA). The FDA approach thoroughly validates every aspect of a system by going underneath higher-level operating system APIs and working directly with volatile memory structures. We integrate FDA with intelligence and the STACKING anomaly analysis of operating system artefacts. Once we get these forensic hits, we use other approaches, such as code comparison, machine learning, sandboxing, threat intelligence, and lastly human analysis, to inform and enrich what we have learned.

The goal of compromise assessments should be to reduce false-negatives rather than false-positives. Because of this, our process entails examining every conceivable forensic artefact, behavior, and traffic in an environment and firmly establishing its level of business risk

Analysis of Endpoint Forensic in Depth

Analysis of In-Memory

Analysis of Network Threat Intelligence

Analysis of Dynamic Software Mapping

Analysis of Endpoint Forensic in Depth

Human analysis of discovered threats with context to business risk and final reporting.

Analysis of In-Memory

Fileless attacks analysis using forensic level memory analysis to detect malicious code in memory.

Analysis of Network Threat Intelligence

Capturing network traffic in-line and correlating with millions of known malicious IP address and domain indicators.

Analysis of Dynamic Software Mapping

Mapping commands seen in the environment to 100s of adversary behaviors and their actions to a risk level.

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