Multi Factor Authentication

People, networks, and devices number in the billions.

Multi Factor Authentication takes into account that for any given transaction, the only things that really matter are the extremely limited relevant context and factors of the two or three devices a user owns, the networks and IoT devices they connect to and use, the businesses they connect to, the applications they run, the specific transactions they execute, the values that may be present in those transactions, and the user’s actions during the combined interaction. Importantly, each of these specifically relevant characteristics evolves with time.

Frictionless Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication

Any size business or institution can benefit from the powerful & invisible security provided by adaptive multi-factor authentication. The solution offers centralized management, invisible/automated enrollment, and corporate high-availability.

Four major issues with current multi-factor and two-factor authentication services are resolved by the InsighTEk team.

  • High user/consumer based services and startups find that almost all solutions are unaffordable due to expensive per user licensing.
  • Requiring users to download software or carry a token is limiting and problematic.
  • Services lacking intelligence that require users to interact with/respond to a one-time passcode or knowledge-based authentication on each login are burdensome and obtrusive to the end user experience.
  • MFA solutions that are unable to offer post login transaction validations are incredibly restrictive and make the obviously false assumption that all post login risk profiles are identical to those of the initial login.

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