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Your global add-on of Core team at a more economical, commercially sane, and top-notch quality. We not just share responsibilities, we actualize your goal and enable progress.

At InsighTEK, we help to set up a dedicated full equipped offshore team. A composite team of developers, designers, software testers, quality analysts, copywriters, a project manager, and a delivery manager, architects, solutions manager to provide with real time updates and drive to deliver the progress without worrying about any aspect of the development process.

We share responsibility for the product development cycle, giving enough time to focus on your core business functions. You won’t just gain operational costs advantage but also gain an overall efficiency improvement.

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InsighTEK Advantage

Low Development Cost

Hassel free Infrastructure support.


Cost Effective

Improved Productivity

Accelerated growth

Whether you are startups or SME’s or a large enterprise; investing in this strategy is worth it with InsighTEK.

Our Flexible model gives the right option tochoose to suit the needs

Fixed Cost Model

The most simple and favorable engagement models. The cost is finalized zeroing down no hidden costs prior to start of the engagement and this is apt for small projects with limited features and clear requirements.

Our clients with limited budget opt of this model. This provides for security, timely deliverables on time every time. Transparency in budget, Status updates, Minimal Supervision and unaltered timeline is InsighTEK’s commitment.

Dedicated Team Model

Exclusive team is allocated to a specific project for a specific timelines. This model is apt for a long term project with complex attributes and evolving features. Considering the complexity SMEs are provided to add value. Typically these projects are sort after by the hardcore developers which results in reducing the conventional attrition challenges. This provides for the advantage of scaling up and down as per the need and help fast modifications and maintains the flow of productivity.

Time & Material Model

Most admired and desirable model as it accommodates benefits of both Fixed and Dedicated team model engagements. This model is highly recommended when the work scope is tentative and cannot be projected. Based on the efforts of the team, the client is charged. Typically, work is distributed into short phases, making the overall delivery faster. The advantage here is rates are predictable and it becomes easy to monitor the progress made by the team. However, in this model considerable effort may be required from the client to manage overall deliverables.

Why InsighTEK?

We are young, agile and flexible. Larger companies have its own rigid norms that makes it difficult for companies to actually accelerate their business growth. Partnering with InsighTEK means ‘zero setup investment along with many other commendable advantages like:

Quick Ramp up : InsighTEK’s well equipped staffing arm has a nationwide reach to mobilize the right talent and help quick ramp-up.
Flexibility : Working with InsighTEK gives you the choice to bring about your own best practices may it be corporate methodology or management techniques.
Quality : We involve the customer in the ramp up activity, giving them a choice to choose the desired quality of team members.
Cost Effective : Reduced expenses of entire software development cost.

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