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PEOPLE ARE VALUABLE TO US: It’s a simple thought, but we take it very deeply. Our approach to the whole lot that we do is with utmost care and dedication. We understand that in this fast moving, constantly-changing world, our clients don’t have time or resources to sift through hundreds or thousands of CVs and candidates. Especially when they find themselves in a sudden state of urgency. Our job is to find the best resources in the market, connect them with our clients, and make the whole process seamless for everyone involved.

Staff your roles, fast, with AI-powered matching and dedicated recruiters that help make the whole process seamless.

Find highly skilled temporary and permanent professionals @ InsighTEK.

Having the right talent onboard is the key to succeed in this competitive business world. Talent required could be a conventional employee or contingent work force or a gig worker, when it comes to building the right team, you need a team with a high level of Commitment, Creativity, and Competency that is positioned to keep you ahead of the competition.

Your best option to get there is to reach out to Team InsighTEK.

We do this every single day. Being attentive to what the clients need. Consulting with you and strategizing what it takes to make an accurately Successful Hire. Tapping into a global network of connections to find the best possible candidates for you.

We’ll take on your project like its mission to be completed before we move into another one.

Our team takes the time to understand you so that the candidates we provide will fit the job description, the company culture, and the team you’re creating. Let us help your business skyrocket into the future!

We believe that Trust is earned only through consistency in delivery quality. We @ InsighTEK know that it really does take one to know one. We don’t push piles of buzz word resumes. We work closely with you to deliver people that fit your needs, so you have more time dedicated to your business. Quality and TAT goes together, if both are not well balanced, it isn’t a very effective value proposition. With our vast industry experience and relationships we deliver both. InsighTEK provides custom solutions specifically designed to deliver to your complex project and personnel needs. It’s our relationship-based professional approach and commitment to integrity, flexibility and quality that separates us from the rest and helps build TRUST.

We are constantly focused on working out solutions that fits all kinds of staffing need you may have.

Right team and systematic approach and planning are critical to the success of any software project. We can support your organization with both aspects through a flexible engagement model.

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The InsighTEK Advantage

At beck and call: Our team will go an extra mile each time you want to access our deep talent pool for a speedy ramp up.

Cost-effective. Forget the costs of a traditional hiring process, we will get the desired results in the most cost effective prices.

Ownership: InsighTEK shall handle the entire process end to end may it be developer on-boarding, resource engagement, resource retention, performance and quality control process for you. We get the job done. Our track record of successful implementations speaks to our reliability. We get engaged with your team and your project to ensure successful completion of task.

Positive mindset. A good attitude is key to achieve the expected results. We are Consistent, collaborative, and creative. We love to learn and share what we know and we are known in the market for it.

Technology Staffing

Gain access to world-class developers to meet your deadline. InsighTEK can support ramp up developers across varieties of skills you may require. May it be a simple Web developer or a developer with the latest disruptive skills, we will bring onboard any technology expert. You need front end developers or back end developers or a full stack developer, or a DevOps engineer, we conduct a detailed assessments to understand the business requirement, solution, architecture, technology stack, KRA, timeliness, project durations etc. and create a customized resource selection procedure. Based on your needs, we build a list of key attributes and skills and handpick the best talent for your team.

Project based hiring

InsighTEK’s technical Team bring expertise needed to complete entire gamut of SDLC process. From project planning and solution design to implementation and maintenance, we are poised to become a seamless and valuable extension of your team. We will help you get the entire team required to execute your project at a comprehensive price and quick TAT. We handle the entire on-boarding process for each developer on your behalf, covering concepts such as company culture, project responsibilities and approval processes.

We direct the team on everything including technology, client processes, project information to compliance standards and all the other important details to get them started.

Recruitment Solution

The typical IT recruiting model today is far more multifaceted and cut-throat than it has ever been. InsighTEK perceives that having the capability to acclimate quickly, with the ever changing methods to access and deliver industry leading IT staffing resources to our clients is what makes all the difference. Consequently, our strict internal process model is simple, but yet very effective; and therefore the components will roll with the respective niche requirements given by our clients.

Our team is extremely well versed and constantly equipped to think “out of the box” when it comes to customizing recruitment strategies. This is emphasized within our organization constantly in order to provide the most optimal Recruitment Solution that not only meets but exceeds our client’s expectations. The simple recruiting methodologies we value are Trust, appropriate representation, respect, and ROI for your investment in our Recruitment Solution.

We thoroughly appreciate the value of trusting, representing and respecting our clients as a whole and what they represent; and the importance of seamlessly integrating our resources into their IT environments. This deciphers into the most cost-effective solutions being offered to our client, and the expected ROI outcome from those IT resources.

At InsighTEK, we clearly cognize our responsibility, specifically in circumstances where we are a preferred partner in the delivery of critical Recruitment Solution to support established organizations and their environments.

Resource and Client Satisfaction | Far-fetched Research | Relationship Development | Career Goal Accuracy

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